Jake Willms, the young talent behind “Villms” is an up-and-coming artist worthy of your attention. With an emphasis on Progressive House, his music expresses a unique blend of euphoria and groove you won’t find anywhere else. With support from artists such as APEK, Cash Cash, Matthew Steeper, and Paris & Simo, he’s well on his way to building a name for himself.

He’s built the foundation of his musical career with piano, an instrument he’s studied for many years as a child. Learning the foundation behind music theory, he was able to quickly grasp the art of developing catchy-melodies and chord progressions. In addition, Jake has dabbled in percussion and guitar as well.

Currently, Jake is a junior undergraduate student at Arizona State University studying Finance and Economics. His professional goals include making a career out of his music productions, earning a law degree, and eventually working as a music lawyer for other producers and record labels in the industry.